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We believe, where ever possible, the earlier you develop a person, be that in a role, a promotion, starting work or joining a new organisation, the better the chances of success.

So we love working in two main areas:

New managers, those early in their management career, employees showing the potential to be a manager, and those getting ready to step into leadership.

Employees who are new in their role, or haven’t had a chance to spend time out focussing on certain work skills, as well as those new to work including graduate and cadet programs, or induction/orientation programs for those employees who are new to your organisation.

Management Development

This is one of our favourite areas! It can be such a game changer for organisations! Not training early in a management role or in preparation for the role is like putting a player on the field and training them after season one… it will be hit and miss!!!

Having watched the game doesn’t mean you can play it. It’s important you prepare your management team effectively.

If you start early and set things up right, from the start, you’ll improve the chances your managers will have great skills and be successful in their roles.
Research shows your organisation and the employees will benefit from management skills training.
The strength of your organisation’s management/leadership skills and pipeline critical to the success of your business!

For all these reasons we love management development… particularly those showing potential to be a manager, new managers, early in their career managers or preparing managers for future leadership roles!

Emerging Manager Preparing for Management

Here it’s important to develop skills that will be useful in a future Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager role, however its equally important they can also use elements, or all of the training topics, in their current role.

This can be a series of training sessions. Or, if a program is the preferred approach, then there can also be a mix of components such as group training (online or face to face or both), one on one coaching, business projects, panel sessions, guest speakers, research, involvement in business initiatives, secondments etc.

Some of the potential areas that may be included are…

  • Self Management: Resilience and Flexibility
  • Supporting the Successful Implementation of Change
  • Help Make Meetings Successful
  • Building Trust
  • Plan and Manage Projects that Deliver
  • Fundamentals of Strong Business Writing
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Influence without Authority.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss your options.

New Manager Start Right, Finish Strong

For new managers it’s essential to equip them early so they can successfully navigate their new role. To be able to handle key aspects of their role, particularly the people focus, affects not only their ability to do their role well and their own work satisfaction, it also impacts every team member. Not only does their ability to do their role well affect their own work satisfaction, it also affects every team member and the success of the business.

Some of the areas that are often requested include…

  • What It Takes: Introduction to the concepts of Successful Management & Leadership
  • Individual and Team Management
  • Setting Team Members up to Succeed: How to Delegate Like a Pro
  • Giving Feedback that Empowers
  • Build your People: How to Increase Performance through Coaching and Training
  • Performance Management Done Effectively
  • Formal performance management and appraisals
  • The Inspired Employees: Keys to Motivation
  • Successful Hiring
  • Undivided: How to build an effective team
  • Supporting the Successful Implementation of Organisational Change


Again a series of training sessions can be done.

Or, if a program is the preferred approach, then there may be a mix of components such a training, one on one coaching, business projects, panel sessions, guest speakers, research, involvement in business initiatives, secondments etc.

Please feel free to call or email if you’d like to discuss your organisation’s requirements.

Next level Stepping up to Leadership

Making the shift from manager to leader is an important career step. It can be a deal breaker.

So its important. Some of the areas that can be considered are…

  • Transitioning from Management to Leadership
  • The First 90 Days
  • Leadership Communication
  • Drive and Execute Organisational Change Successfully
  • The Fundamentals of Powerful Strategic Plans
  • Power and Politics 
  • The Influential Leader
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Stewardship
  • Risk Management


As with other areas we can do individual sessions or programs depending on your needs.

Management Minis Bite size training

Some of the sessions we do can be broken into smaller segments.

In the management minis we then just focus on one or two of these aspects. They’re not as comprehensive as the complete sessions so they don’t give the same results, however sometimes your managers only need a particular element or segment of a skill focussed on.

For a list of some of the potential Management Minis we do please contact us.

We can also look at individual organisations needs and slice a section out of a course if your need is not on our current list.

Management courses Stand alone training

We have more than 25 management and leadership development training courses in our remit.

For a full list of all the individual courses please call or email.

Employee Professional Development

Its critical you set an employee up to succeed, otherwise you will have at inconsistent performance and a potentially demoralised team member, or positive performance that is not necessarily the best they can do.

Think Ian Thorpe without training or coaching… he would’ve been a great swimmer… however would he have been an Olympic swimmer?

How effective an employee is determines how successful your business will be.

Bringing out the best in employees means everything from a proper induction through to skilling and coaching them in their role through to effective skills in your managers.

Employee Development

We have a wide range of courses to support employee professional development including communication, customer service, professional skills and business courses, some of which are listed below. We also do Mini Me sessions and webinars where we address a short section or one aspect of a topic.

For a full list of all the individual courses please call or email us.


Communication confidence: Building assertiveness

Influence without authority

How to deliver high impact presentations


Make their day: Customer service skills

Working successfully with unhappy clients: Dealing with customer complaints

Telephone techniques: How to provide great service over the phone


Work smarter: Managing time and productivity

Work together better: Building effective business relationships

High-performance habits


Fundamentals of strong business writing

Plan and manage projects that deliver

Make your meetings work

Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding Is a crucial phase for both the new employee and the business.
Research shows that effective onboarding

Successful onboarding is more than the morning of day one directing the new team member to policies and procedures to read, or doing an hour of online legal training, or a walk around the floor.
It involves a well thought out combination of many things including policies, procedures, training, role assimilation, organisation cultural orientation, and relationship building. And accounts for the challenges around on-site and remote working.

We’ve had years of building effective onboarding programs, so if you are wanting to create a better onboarding program in your business we’d love to chat. 

Please contact us via the web-based form, or call, or email.

Graduates and Cadet Program

A well-built graduate and/or cadet program can help you onboard and build the next generation of professionals in your organisation while also helping the graduate and/or cadet launch their career successfully.

What’s the difference between a graduate and a cadet? It depends… some organisations call their new entry graduates “cadets”. Generally, graduates are those who’ve qualified/graduated in their field/qualification looking to start a permanent job, whereas cadets are undergraduates. With a cadet work is limited to term breaks or selected days coursework is not scheduled.

Whatever name you give it, it’s important the program focusses on assisting them in developing professional and practical skills that compliment your organisation and the role at hand, while building a robust base for their work life.

We’ve done graduate and cadet programs of all shapes and sizes and are happy to provide a range of services in this space… from consultation service through to the design and delivery of the program depending on your needs. 

Please feel free contact us via the web based form, or call, or email.

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