About Us

What We Do

Basically our focus is the people development side of business.

We love helping people grow and achieve their maximum potential. We do this through face to face training, online training and one on one coaching.

We also enjoy working collaboratively with businesses helping them increase the people capabilities in their business. We can do this many ways, including strategic work, consulting, change management, setting up your own training team through to designing tailored courses or programs or delivering training and development initiatives and courses.

Our Principal

Peta Parnell is the Principal of People Fluent Group. Prior to setting up People Fluent Peta worked in various Director and Manager roles including Director of Training and Recruitment, Manager Technology Based Learning and Head of Learning.

She was also a member of two Global directorates… each had 10 invited representatives on them. Their remits were to determine global direction and synergy… one for talent development, the other for recruitment. She also sat on the board of multimedia company with a primary focus of people and sales.

Peta has managed multiple teams across Australia, multi-million dollar budgets and international projects.
Some of the projects have included…

  • Training 3,500 people nationally on a new package in 48 hours
  • 200+ graduates recruited in a 6 month period, and delivered a residential induction for all of them for 3.5 days
  • Launched e-learning concepts and platform into multinational organisations… and had more than 14,000 people go through various e-learning courses
  • Introducing the concept of coaching, trialling it, and then making it available worldwide
  • Having every manager attend a 5 day residential leadership and change management program in a 9 month period


She has been trained by thought leaders such as… Edward de Bono, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey and Daniel Goleman.

More Stuff About Us


We estimate we’ve had more than 10,000 people come through our training... we’ve actually lost count!


We have 40+ topics we train in our training library


This is the number of years we’ve been providing eLearning, webinars and blended learning.

We’re accredited in…

  • DDI
  • Career Coaching
  • HBDI
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Quality Circles
  • DiSC

Some of the diagnostic tools we use…

  • Thomass Kilman Conflict Instrument
  • Belbin Team Roles Tool
  • DiSC
  • Social Style

Our Approach

Our training is based on both research and practical experience.

Current research and work models are very important to ensure concepts are coming from a robust place and not just “opinion”.

However it’s important that training is not just “theory”… that it’s combined with the practical realities of how to effectively implement that at work.

So apart from being up to date with research and what makes effective human development solutions, we also have first hand experience in what we train in!

Solutions And Choices

The great part about learning these days is there are a lot of choices available when building your learning approach. We can work with you to build a solution that specifically meets your organisation and people’s needs using one or some of the following…

Pre-course research

Pre-course reading or case studies

Assessment tools

Online facilitated session/s

Online on-demand

Face to face session/s

Work based projects

Team based assignments

Site visits

Individual or group presentations

One on one coaching

Job rotation

When looking at potential design we will work with you to tailor something that also takes into consideration your timeframe, budget, geographic spread, culture, attendee availability and other factors.

It's Not Just Delivery

Given our previous roles and work experience we have expertise in more than delivery. This means we can provide services to support or help you in any aspect of your organisation’s needs around training and development.

We can help you with…

Training Strategy

given we have Training Director and Management experience we can help you set up everything from a full training plan and team, or simply a training strategy for the coming business period.


tap into our recruitment experience, we can help you with the recruitment of training staff... both contract and permanent

Training Administration

as part of a large project or rollout


we can work with you to develop employee curriculums, training programs or sessions


access our capabilities in both online and face to face, group and one on one coaching, as well as training assessment and evaluation

If you wish to discuss your needs or any of these options please contact us via phone, SMS, email or the website contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

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